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Speechaus is a speech pathology specialised service provider that delivers speech pathology sessions for Adults focusing in English Pronunciation Advocacy, Clarification and Fluency. We also assist with Lisps & Stuttering therapy.

Our team focuses on delivering empathetic, innovative and accessible speech therapy Australia-wide that empowers your speaking interactions, eliminates barriers and addresses your personal communication goals.

How to get started with Adult Speech Pathology at Speechaus

Optimal Communication is essential more than ever. We provide all services by our HIPAA compliant telehealth platform. Here’s how to start.

Get in Touch

Head to our contact page where you can ask us a question via one of our intake forms. You can also email us or give us a call via this page to get sessions started.

Get In Touch

Identify the Fit

Our intake team will assist you to identify the best service pathway and book you with one of our experienced speech pathologists. Enthusiastic to get started with your speech pathology sessions? We would be happy to assist.

Start Your Sessions

Start Your Sessions

We can usually schedule the first appointment within 1-2 weeks of a query at most, sometimes earlier. Keeping wait times low is a key priority our clinic. 

Online speech therapy is an effective approach for adults with speech, language, voice and social communication concerns backed up by high-level research, it frequently leads to not only solid outcomes but also high satisfaction scores among participants and their therapists.

We’re Accepting New Clients

Red tape, waitlists and complicated documents may be common in healthcare, but not at Speechaus. We strive to deliver a jargon-free, streamlined experience so your communication growth feels fresh and less burdensome.

We’re a solely adult clinic

This means we do not work with children. Our virtual clinic has been running for over a decade. We’ve served every continent other than Antarctica! The gear and tech needs no dress rehearsal, all we need is your ongoing trust and faith in our high-quality services as always. We look forward to meeting you soon.

The Speechaus team is a specialised group that offers adult speech pathology services for speech across the entire Australian continent.

From the centre to the sea, you can access our online speech therapy

Our services are available across the entire continent of Australia and beyond.


We deliver online speech therapy services that are relevant and empowering for you as an adult. We serve young adults – 65 years

Certified Clinicians

Our team are certified practicing speech pathologists who are registered with
Medicare, TAC and Worksafe.

Secure and Private

HIPAA Compliant Telehealth.

We provide online speech pathology for adults that empowers and inspires via our virtual clinic.

Speech pathology sessions are easily accessed between business hours from 9 am AEST through to 5pm AEST. All you need to commence is good internet connection and a PC or tablet.

We use ingenious and creative technology tools to create engaging and practical sessions that are tailored to your communication goals and life.

Speechaus is a proudly
Australian-owned business.

Speechaus is Australia's leading pronunciation advocacy, clarification & fluency centre for adults.

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PO BOX 33076, Melbourne, VIC, 3004



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