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Our team comprises altruistic speech therapists who work with a genuine desire to transform lives.

The SPEECHAUS team specialise in providing advocacy and support services for adults in a manner that empowers and affirms their communication strengths and participation.

In contrast to most speech pathology clinics that offer speech therapy, our team focuses exclusively on adults. We firmly believe that effective speech therapy should be affirming.

SPEECHAUS’ exclusive focus on adult patients allows us to offer approachable and inspiring sessions that foster a sense of well-being and self-assurance.

What are speech pathologists?

Speech Pathologists (also known as speech therapists or speech and language therapists) are allied health professionals who work with individuals with swallowing and communication difficulties or disorders. The team at Speechaus provide specialised services in adult communication, targeting therapy goals relating to speech, language, fluency, voice, and social skills.

Speech Pathologists often work closely with other allied health professionals (such as Occupational Therapists) to ensure coordinated and comprehensive care.

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If you’re wanting to improve your speaking, vocabulary, voice tone, English pronunciation, fluency & social skills, this is the right Speech Pathology clinic for you.
Speechaus is known for offering precise, accessible and creative client care.

Funding Options for Speech Therapy

There are many funding options for your sessions! You may be eligible for rebates if you are Medicare, Private Health, TAC & WorkSafe registered! Learn more here.

We also provide NDIS Speech Therapy. Learn more here.

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Our Purpose

To deliver empathetic, innovative and accessible speech therapy through all of Australia that empowers your speaking interactions, eliminates barriers and addresses your personal communication goals.

Our Values


We advocate for everyone’s right to be heard irrespective of their communication barriers, identity, diagnosis, geographic location, language background or social status.


Since our time on earth is limited, we believe that all experiences, especially clinical/ therapy experiences should balance challenges with enjoyment. We are agile and strive to create engaging experiences for your communication and speaking goals that are more likely to stimulate concrete outcomes.


We believe that focusing on building strengths, even in the face of communication barriers and disadvantage, is the only way to transform lives.

Dr Sarah Lobegeiger de Rodriguez

Dr. Sarah Lobegeiger de Rodriguez

Founding Director

I started the clinic in 2013 because I saw that there was a need in Australia for pronunciation advocacy, clarification and fluency training for individuals feeling sidelined by speaker bias.

For the past decade I have been dedicated to expanding our team’s skills, resources and impact in the community with the end goal of ensuring that everyone feels comfortable and confident to take a seat at the table, no matter their language background, communication style or cultural heritage.

Thank you for visiting our website, we look forward to welcoming you into our services, workshops and Speechaus!

See Sarah’s portfolio and credentials here.

Dr. Sarah is not working with new clients.

Speechaus Team

Amanda Loh

Speech Pathologist

Growing up in a multicultural country and later as an international student in Australia, Amanda developed a deep appreciation for language diversity and its impact on communication. Amanda’s journey in speech pathology began in paediatric care, where she first witnessed the transformative power of intervention in children’s lives. However, as her path evolved, Amanda recognised a pressing need to advocate for adults grappling with confidence issues stemming from language and accent differences. Amanda is dedicated to empowering individuals to embrace their unique linguistic identities and communicate with confidence.

Drawing from her multicultural background, Amanda understands the complexities of navigating diverse linguistic landscapes and the importance of cultural sensitivity in therapy.

Driven by a passion for innovation, Amanda is extremely keen to bridge gaps in access to care and enhance therapeutic outcomes. She strives to provide tailored support to adults seeking to overcome communication barriers and reclaim their voices in a rapidly evolving world.

Outside of work, you’ll find Amanda trying out new cafés with a group of friends, reading a good novel with a cup of coffee, or actively engaging in her newfound interest in bouldering.

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Camille Lara

Speech Pathologist

We are delighted to welcome Camille Lara to our team.

Bio & picture coming soon!

Speechaus is Australia's leading pronunciation advocacy, clarification & fluency centre for adults.

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