Ndis Speech Therapy for Adults

Empathetic, Strategic & Inspiring Speech Pathology Tailored for Adults

If you’re looking for NDIS Speech Therapy sessions, we recommend finding the clinic that will address your personal communication goals.

Our team are passionate speech pathologists with a special interest in finding the right communication tool stack for you so that you can interact with more clarity and impact.

We’re creative and offer new and refreshing strategies to boost your communication success.

And guess what?

Unlike most speech pathology clinics offering speech therapy for NDIS we focus solely on adults.

This is because we believe that successful speech therapy needs to be affirming for you! Going to a paediatric speech pathology clinic that does anything and everything may not build your confidence.

This is why Speechaus chooses to focus on providing support solely for adults.

This lets us deliver approachable and inspiring sessions.

Adult Focused Care

As a team, we tap into our extensive experience with adult speech and language difficulties, spanning neurological conditions, brain injury, medical conditions, social communication difficulties and more.

At Speechaus you’ll be met with amazing resources, relevant strategies and most importantly, clinicians that really care.

Book us from anywhere in Australia

Speechaus is a virtual clinic, meaning you can access our services from anywhere in Australia. We’re proud to do our part to increase accessibility across the country, making ‘NDIS speech therapy near me’ searches a thing of the past!

Who do we provide sessions to?

We serve clients that are:

  • self-managed and
  • plan managed clients

If you want to find out whether Speechaus is suited to your NDIS speech pathology sessions, the first step is to get in touch with us.

This will help us determine whether our team can bring the most value to your goals and funding.

*Please note, we do not provide NDIS Speech Therapy for Children. All clients must be 18 years – 65 years.

You can find more information about the National Disability Insurance Scheme at their main website.

How to get Started

Contact us

You can send us an email or give us a call.

Send us a referral

For plan managers, you can easily use this form send us a referral.

Discuss your needs

We will help you create a plan that is tailor-made just for you.

We’ll determine if we’re a good fit

Provide us with your plan manager & support care coordinator’s details for invoices. If you’re self managed, this is not needed.

Our team will schedule an initial assessment

If you’re plan managed, invoices are sent directly to your plan management fund for payment.

If you’re self-managed, you settle the invoice with allocated Ndis funding. We issue a receipt of payment for your records.

Assessment report & service agreement finalised

Once your service agreement is signed off, we then work together strategically to integrate your communication goals. This is when it gets exciting!

Sessions with our team

To ensure that you have access to the full range of skills and knowledge on the Speechaus team, we provide the opportunity for blocks of sessions with each of our clinicians. This has seen some great results for our clients, who have gained extra traction by cycling through our Speech Language Pathologists
for more input and ideas.

We’ll discuss this further with you if we think this would be beneficial for you and your needs.

NDIS review documentation provided as needed

Your NDIS Speech Therapy Funding is Precious.

You need to get the best use out of it.

The first step is for us to establish if our clinic is a good fit for your needs.

If you want to start working on your speaking goals with our team, the first step is to get in touch!

We know your time and funds are precious, so if we’re not the right fit for your needs, we won’t string you along.

A quick strategy call or email to us will let us use our discretion to determine whether our team can offer what you’re looking for.

We don’t take anyone and everyone because your goals are worth more than that!

Once we determine that we can assist you in your NDIS speech therapy goals, we’ll schedule you for an NDIS Speech Pathology Assessment.

We value fairness and high-quality service to reflect the potential that these funds have to make a meaningful difference to your wellbeing.

We value fairness and high-quality service to reflect the potential that these funds have to make a meaningful difference to your wellbeing.

Using your NDIS Speech Therapy Funds

Choosing where to use your NDIS funding is an important decision, and at Speechaus, we are proud to assist you on your pathway towards your goals.

Billing applies to assessment and therapy sessions, as well as time dedicated to NDIS goal review reports and extended care team meetings.

Thorough Assessment

Our team are well supported and not overloaded with a massive calendar of unmanageable appointments. This allows us the luxury of delivering you the detailed and affirming care that they are entitled to, to ensure a high quality Speech Pathology service.

NDIS Speech Therapy can often feel less tailored, especially if you are working with a service provider that sees both kids and adults. But our focus on premium adult communication care sets us apart from other clinics.

We also regularly participate in professional development opportunities and keep a close eye on research that addresses our clients’ communication difficulties so that we can serve you with the best practice approaches for maximal outcomes.

Through our assessment, we also aim to understand how Speech Pathology fits into your allied health team, so that we can consider you as a whole and fully appreciate how best to assist you.

We’re committed to understanding your personal goals and challenges, so that we can support you first and foremost as person, not simply address speech problems or communication difficulties in isolation.

NDIS Speech Therapy

NDIS Speech Therapy for Social Communication

Practical Social Skills Assessment & NDIS Therapy Sessions for Adults.

This program starts with the Social Communication Assessment for Adults and is a good fit for clients with Autism.

We provide social communication support in the following areas:

  • Language & speech assessments
  • Communication intervention for adults with Autism
  • Diagnostic Aphasia Assessment and management
  • Person-centred interventions for disability
  • Recommendations around alternative communication options
NDIS Speech Therapy

Voice Assessment & Therapy

  • Diagnostic Voice assessment
  • Dysarthria assessments & therapy
  • Voice projection training and Voice Therapy for Parkinson’s disease
  • Voice Therapy for hearing impairment
  • Clear therapy resources and supports for your voice needs

Our team are experienced in providing voice therapy for clients under the NDIS.

We work extensively with clients who present with multiple diagnoses in addition to voice disorders. There are many conditions that can impact on voice production. Our team will assist you to build your voice function so you can speak with more clarity and comfort.

This program starts with the Diagnostic Voice Assessment.

NDIS Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy for Hearing Loss

Strategic NDIS Speech Therapy Sessions for Adults with Hearing Loss.

This program starts with the Diagnostic Speech Assessment for Adults with Hearing Loss.

Creative, Evidence Based Communication for You

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