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All services are tailored to help you communicate with ease and comfort.

The Speechaus team is a specialised group that offers pronunciation advocacy, clarification & fluency speech therapy services across the entire continent.


English Pronunciation Training

Speak English clearly, confidently & comfortably.

The heart of our clinic lies in advocacy for International Communicators of English.

Our team of multi-lingual speech pathologists will teach you practical strategies to empower your speaking clarity & confidence based on research.

The very first step before scheduling your time with us online, is to complete Your Personalised English Pronunciation Audit. Once your assessment complete, we will give you personalised recommendations for the best Pronunciation Clarity Program.


Lisp Treatment for Adults

Clarify and Correct your Specific Speech Sounds

We provide personalised speech therapy to correct your lisp or other speech impediments. Common speech sound difficulties may include s, z, ch, sh, r and l. Do not worry if your target sound is not listed, as Speech Pathologists, we are qualified to work on all sounds within the English language.
The first step is enrolling in the Fix Your Lisp- Clear Speech Test.


Stuttering & Cluttering Therapy

Improve your fluency & comfort when speaking

Our team of speech pathologists at Speechaus are very passionate about assisting adults who stutter online. Our clinicians use prolonged speech / smooth speech and the Camperdown method for adult stuttering therapy since research validates these as the most effective approaches for adults.


Social Skills Training

Stop struggling to interact & communicate

Speechaus offers practical social skills assessment and strategic therapy sessions with speech pathologists for adults.
We are one of the few speech pathology clinics that offers social communication sessions everywhere in Australia that are structured for adults solely. This makes our clinic the perfect spot if you are looking for a confidence boosting spot to work on your social communication.

stuttering and cluttering therapy

Speech Therapy for Hearing Loss

Speak clearly and participate more

Our team of speech pathologists can work with you to improve your speech pronunciation, voice quality and pitch and increase your intelligibility if you have hearing loss and want to increase your oral communication participation.
These sessions are suited to adults with hearing loss managed by hearing aids or cochlear implants.

NDIS Speech Pathology Sessions for Adults

Access relevant and empowering speech therapy to transform and overcome barriers, Australia-wide

Our clinic is one of the few speech pathology clinics that offers solely adult speech therapy services across the entire Australian continent. We are dedicated to providing effective and comprehensive treatment to our adult clients that is accessible.

We serve self-managed and plan managed clients for speech pathology.

If you want to find out whether Speechaus is suited to your NDIS communication goals, the first step is to get in touch with us.

The very first step before commencing NDIS speech pathology sessions at Speechaus is to determine whether our team can bring the most value to your goals and funding.

Once we determine that we can fulfill your NDIS speech pathology service needs, we will schedule you for an NDIS Speech Pathology Assessment.

If you’re a support care coordinator or plan manager considering Speechaus for your NDIS clients, we can’t wait to speak with you. Contact us directly or feel free to complete the referral form.

Speechaus is Australia's leading pronunciation advocacy, clarification & fluency centre for adults.

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