FAQS About NDIS Speech Therapy for Adults

Find the answers to the frequently asked questions about NDIS Speech Therapy
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Do you have an NDIS plan with communication goals?


Do you want to get the most out of your funding?


Do you want therapy that is tailored to your needs?

If you answered ‘yes’ to each of those questions, you’ve come
to the right place!

Becoming an NDIS participant is a complicated process, so by the time your plan is approved, we’d like to make the next step of choosing a speech pathology clinic as easy as possible for you.

Speechaus is an online speech pathology clinic specifically for adults. Even with that information, it’s only natural that you might still have questions about how our sessions work, so here we’ve answered some for you in advance! Take a look at the information below for an introduction to communication therapy at Speechaus.

1. What does therapy look like?

Theory is important, but only gets us so far when we’re learning new things. That’s why therapy sessions include explanations, concrete examples, role plays, strategies, practice and preparation for future sessions; whichever combination that is best for you specifically. Your clinician will help to guide this, but we always value your feedback, preferences and goals to ensure that your therapy journey is just that: yours.

2. How does therapy work online?

Video calls are the new way of the world, but Speechaus have already been providing online sessions for over a decade.

Telehealth provides increased access for people by eliminating distance, travel time, and other related obstacles.

Online therapy follows the same structure as in-person sessions would, but also simulates current social and workplace environments, meaning that online communication as a skill in itself can also be worked on with guidance from the Speechaus clinicians.

Finding the right NDIS support that works for you can be challenging. That’s why our team of speech pathologists are dedicated to provide specialised advocacy and support for adults which empowers and affirms communication strengths.

If you’ve got any questions or concerns, or simply want to discuss whether we’d be a good fit for you, please get in touch with us! You can easily reach us at 📞 (03) 9042 3648 or via email at 📩

Let’s get the conversations started!

3. What does a NDIS speech pathology session look like?

Trust us when we say that no two NDIS speech therapy sessions are the same. Everyone has a different set of goals so rest assured that your sessions are tailored to your exact needs. We work extensively with clients who may be seeking support and advice on social communication, voice, stuttering, swallowing – you name it!

4. What makes NDIS speech pathology services at Speechaus different?

Our team provides highly specialised support solely for adults using an affirmative and personalised approach. This is very different to attending a paediatric clinic that makes some adjustments for adult clients! You’ll be at ease knowing that your goals are respected, prioritised and relevant to your life as an adult.

5. What areas of speech pathology do we specialise in at Speechaus

Speechaus has over 10 years of experience providing therapy to adults on our caseload. We’re passionate about providing therapy and services in the areas of: Voice, Social Communication, Pronunciation, Articulation and Fluency/Stuttering.

6. Will I always work with the same person?

At Speechaus we have a strong team of clinicians who blend independent and collaborative work to achieve the best outcomes. We use an evidence-based cycle structure, to allow clients to work with more than one team member. This is a really useful way to practise communication strategies with a new person, and to gain some extra pointers from the larger Speechaus brains trust!

7. How can I contribute to the direction of my therapy?

Therapy content is most relevant and meaningful when it bends and stretches to fit your current circumstances. Bring along personal examples of communication scenarios you’ve experienced yourself, share your upcoming communication events and how you’re feeling about them, talk us through the goals that mean the most to you and we’ll bring our knowledge to the table to help with precisely those things.

8. How do I know that the sessions are working towards my NDIS goals?

When you first work with us, a comprehensive assessment is completed which allows us to measure your progress, but… it doesn’t stop there! We continue to evaluate and document your growth with every session to ensure that we are on the same page. You will also be provided with NDIS review documentation as needed.

Most importantly, we use evidence-based methods to ensure maximal outcomes, and we regularly participate in professional development opportunities so that you receive the best care.

9. What if I’m not sure about my goals?

Navigating the world of NDIS can be tricky, especially when we have to think of our long-term goals for each and every plan! We’re always happy to assist you with discussing the things that are relevant and meaningful to you and the personal/professional aspirations that you have. What matters to you, matters to us!

10. Therapy tasks feel unnatural to me, is this normal?

This is more common than you might imagine. We express so much of our identity through our communication, so it’s normal for new strategies to not feel like us. Your clinician will help you tweak strategies so that they help you to be yourself with added confidence. We can also demonstrate how to break down your practice into small steps, so that you can integrate things gradually. Achieving goals involves stepping out of our comfort zone, but the Speechaus team will help you take one step at a time rather than diving straight in the deep end!

11. What do I do to prepare for NDIS speech pathology sessions?

Every NDIS session is tailored to your goals, so as long as you’ve got them with you – you’re good to go! Our speech pathologists will guide you with the rest depending on your needs. If you’re feeling a bit nervous, we’re more than welcome for you to bring along a family member or friend! Our friendly receptionist will also take care of the heavy lifting by guiding you with the right paperwork.

12. How will I know where to start?

Starting anything new can be daunting, and we have so much admiration for all of our clients for reaching out for support to achieve their goals. Your first appointment with us is an assessment and goal-setting session. Your clinician will then take all of the information that you’ve provided and suggest actionable steps. Here we encourage you to let us know which parts of the plan are your priorities, so that we can be working on what means most to you.

Our Values


We advocate for everyone’s right to be heard irrespective of their communication barriers, identity, diagnosis, geographic location, language background or social status.


Since our time on earth is limited, we believe that all experiences, especially clinical/ therapy experiences should balance challenges with enjoyment. We are agile and strive to create engaging experiences for your communication and speaking goals that are more likely to stimulate concrete outcomes.


We believe that focusing on building strengths, even in the face of communication barriers and disadvantage, is the only way to transform lives.

Adult Focused Care

As a team, we tap into our extensive experience with adult speech and language difficulties, spanning neurological conditions, brain injury, medical conditions, social communication difficulties and more.

At Speechaus you’ll be met with amazing resources, relevant strategies and most importantly, clinicians that really care.

Book us from anywhere in Australia

Speechaus is a virtual clinic, meaning you can access our services from anywhere in Australia. We’re proud to do our part to increase accessibility across the country, making ‘NDIS speech therapy near me’ searches a thing of the past!

Speechaus is Australia's leading pronunciation advocacy, clarification & fluency centre for adults.

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