Access positive and impactful speech therapy for adults with Speechaus, Australia’s dedicated adult speech pathology clinic.

Online Speech Therapy For Adults: Australia-Wide

At Speechaus, we dedicate ourselves to adult-focused speech therapy.

Our unique approach emphasises authentic communication and powerful advocacy. We’re also a virtual clinic, so long gone are the days when you must google “Speech therapy for adults near me”—access our sessions from home, the office, or everywhere in between.

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From the centre to the sea, you can access our online speech therapy

Our services are available across the entire continent of Australia and beyond.

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We deliver online speech therapy services that are relevant and empowering for you as an adult. We serve young adults – 65 years

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Certified Clinicians

Our team are certified practicing speech pathologists who are registered with Medicare, TAC and Worksafe.

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Secure and Private

HIPAA compliant telehealth.

How does Speechaus differ from other speech pathology clinics?

We choose to work solely with adults so that you feel supported and empowered in your unique situation. In addition, all sessions are individually tailored to your specific life- or career-based goals. Finally, we’ll allocate resources and strategies so that you’re equipped with communication tools that affirm and leave a lasting impact.

Let’s show you how communication, comfort and confidence for adults is done!

Does speech therapy work for adults?


Contrary to popular belief, speech therapy isn’t only for children or families. Think of it this way: speech therapy is the same as ‘communication therapy’ or ‘communication support’. This is because we all need communication to learn and to connect, and on top of that, there are so many intricacies and nuances in adult communication, which makes it even more complicated!

That’s why we choose to specialise in adult communication so that you can take your communication skills to the next level.

Benefits of speech therapy for adults

Speech therapy has numerous benefits for adults, as EVERYONE deserves access to effective communication. Perhaps even more so as adults since we’re all expected to use such complex and varied communication daily.

For example, catching up with family and friends, getting to know someone, completing an interview, liaising with team members, negotiating a pay rise, delivering a presentation and advocating for your needs… the list goes on!

Given our dedicated focus on adult communication, we know how to help you build and develop a communication style that truly reflects who you are so that you can achieve your personal goals.


English Pronunciation Training

Speak English clearly, confidently & comfortably.

The heart of our clinic lies in advocacy for International Communicators of English.

Our team of multi-lingual speech pathologists will teach you practical strategies to empower your speaking clarity & confidence based on research.

The very first step before scheduling your time with us online, is to complete Your Personalised English Pronunciation Audit. Once your assessment complete, we will give you personalised recommendations for the best Pronunciation Clarity Program.

If you’re looking for a team of speech therapists with both expertise and experience to work on adult-centred communication goals, look no further than the speech pathologists at Speechaus.

Virtual speech therapy for adults

Fear not; we get this question a lot! Speechaus has been running a virtual online clinic for over a decade, and we’re well-versed in how to make technology work for us and our clients. We take our sessions online with regulars from all over the globe!

Our virtual sessions are very similar to our in-clinic sessions, and we have many resources to keep the activities and practise engaging and relevant to your goals. Not only do we have Cadenza, our communication resource hub, but we also personalise them to your specific needs and circumstances.

The best thing is you can access our online speech pathology sessions from anywhere, so you don’t have to spend time figuring out other things that aren’t about your communication. So be assured that you’ll still receive outstanding services regardless of whether you step foot into our clinic rooms.

Ready to give it a try? You can easily reach us here.

Rebate and Payment options for speech therapy

How does payment work for Speechaus sessions? We’ve summarised the most common ways, but you can read more about this here.


The Speechaus speech pathologists are registered Medicare service providers. If you have a chronic medical condition, you may be eligible for Medicare rebates which partially cover up to five speech pathology sessions annually.

You only need a referral from your GP under a Chronic Disease Management (CDM) plan. Chat with your GP asap to see if you fit the eligibility criteria! Learn more here.

Private Health

Speechaus is a registered provider for private health rebates. Therefore, you may be able to access private health fund cover for your Speech Pathology sessions with us. Health funds cover diagnosable medical disorders and communication disorders such as stuttering, voice disorders and neurological impairments.

To know whether you can access this, check with your health care fund whether you are eligible for speech pathology extras.


Are you an NDIS participant who is self- or plan-managed?

We provide tailored speech pathology services that target your specific NDIS plan goals. You’ll be able to access specialised communication support with us to make the most of your funding.

Want to know if Speechaus is the right fit for you?

Click here for a list of FAQs to give you an idea about what to expect from our NDIS speech therapy for adults.

Our core communication service areas

English pronunciation clarification

Empowering individuals with English-speaking comfort and confidence is one of our core expertise areas at Speechaus.

Our team of multilingual speech pathologists know that there is both a science and art to progressing English Pronunciation goals in an affirming manner, and we do that through a tried and tested method to pinpoint the exact bottlenecks to clear and effective communication.
Learn more about our specialised online pronunciation training by clicking the button below to take the next step in your English speaking.

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Social Communication

Social communication skills can be complex and nuanced. That’s why we’ve dedicated our efforts to supporting and empowering adults in navigating social relationships through personalised communication tools.

First, we complete an in-depth evaluation of your current communication skills against the specific environments you find yourself in. Then we work closely with you to implement affirming strategies to enhance your participation and comfort in these social settings.

To learn more about what a social communication assessment or session looks like at Speechaus, click the button below.

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Stuttering & Cluttering

The team at Speechaus are proud to assist in adult stuttering and cluttering therapy. Our clinicians are trained to provide holistic fluency management by incorporating a blend of effective speech restructuring and powerful self-advocacy to boost overall communication comfort and impact.

We thoroughly assess your stuttering/cluttering behaviours with consideration of your unique communication situations so that you know exactly where to start. Then, expect personalised practice drills using fluency techniques in our stuttering or cluttering therapy programs to make lasting changes in your communication.

Interested to know how stuttering or cluttering therapy works at Speechaus? Find the specifics by clicking the button below for all speech fluency-related FAQs.

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Lisp/ Speech Clarity

Fixing a lisp as an adult can be tricky! That’s why our team dedicates our efforts to precise sound production and speech clarity training unique to adults.

Given the wide variations in mouth movement errors, there is no one size fits all approach to lisp correction! As such, we complete a comprehensive audit into every sound of English and screen your clear communication needs so that you can receive accurate and up-to-date information about your current pronunciation. Once you know your exact speaking needs, your clinician will show you how to create the sound mechanically and implement them in meaningful communication contexts.

Learn more about our lisp reduction services by clicking the button below.

No idea where to begin or are you still wondering whether Speechaus is the team for you?

Not a problem.

You can easily reach out to us in many ways; start here!

  • Contact us directly via email at or by phone at +61 03 9042 3648
  • Ask us a question via our custom Speechaus query forms
  • Refer a patient or client directly to our team at our referral page
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Access positive and impactful speech therapy sessions for adults with Speechaus starting today. We’re Australia’s dedicated adult speech pathology clinic and can’t wait to partner with you on your unique communication journey.

Our Values


We advocate for everyone’s right to be heard irrespective of their communication barriers, identity, diagnosis, geographic location, language background or social status.


Since our time on earth is limited, we believe that all experiences, especially clinical/ therapy experiences should balance challenges with enjoyment. We are agile and strive to create engaging experiences for your communication and speaking goals that are more likely to stimulate concrete outcomes.


We believe that focusing on building strengths, even in the face of communication barriers and disadvantage, is the only way to transform lives.

Speechaus is Australia's leading pronunciation advocacy, clarification & fluency centre for adults.

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